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If all you are simply looking for is something to eat, check the Yellow Pages. And please be advised that not all restaurants are created equal because restaurants are created by people and some are more passionate (and more talented) than others. At 22 Spots, we look for the talented and the most passionate people who run outstanding restaurants.

The Zagat Guide might be the most commercially successful restaurant guide in the world, but most people don't have the time or the inclination to study hundreds and hundreds of restaurant possibilities. We keep it simple - we give you twenty-two. Just 22 Spots run by passionate and talented people (and you don't have to buy the book).

Philadelphia is the first 22 Spots city with many other cities around the country and around the world to follow.

We didn't choose them based on the opinions of the local critics, and forget about all those stars and diamonds. We chose them because they are excellent restaurants...run by passionate and talented people. Keep in mind that a "great restaurant" can have five stars or zero stars and still be great. All that really matters is your personal dining experience, so rating restaurants is really a personal thing. We don't rate them; we just present them - 22 "fabulous" restaurants.


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