Audrey Claire
Audrey ClaireAudrey ClaireAudrey ClaireAudrey ClaireAudrey ClaireAudrey Claire
276 South 20th Street
  • Phone: 215–731–1222
  • Website:
  • Cuisine: Mediterranean (BYOB)
  • Price Range: @ under $30 pp
  • Chef de cuisine: Lou Boquila

The Editorial

Audrey Claire

"One of the niftier things about the Audrey Claire menu is that 'small dishes' and 'bigger dishes' replace 'appetizers' and 'entrees.' 'Fresh' is a key word at Audrey Claire; the ingredients seem remarkably unpolluted and undiluted. Menu items include Mediterranean spreads, grilled ahi tuna, fettuccine with tiger shrimp and the chef's daily blackboard specials."
       - Philadelphia City Paper

The BYOB concept has officially arrived in Philadelphia, and it seems like there is now one on every corner. Of course, for the past several years, one of the best BYOB spots in America has owned a corner of their own. Audrey Claire opened some eleven years ago in Rittenhouse Square (one of the best restaurant destinations on the planet), and in spite of the new BYOB craze in this city, this particular restaurant is still as good as it gets.

Keep in mind that a BYOB is really about the food and not necessarily what one brings in a paper bag, and there will always be an audience for those who appreciate the opportunity of bringing their own bottle(s). Audrey Claire has always been about the food, and it remains as popular as the day it opened. We are not talking fancy - we are talking about one of the most successful restaurants in this City, and for all the right reasons.

The credit for this long-running success story has to go to one of Philadelphia's most creative owners, Audrey Claire Taichman (she also owns Twenty Manning). She designed both restaurants herself, and both are a total reflection of her personality. Audrey Claire (the restaurant) is indeed a "neighborhood joint" and she created this spot because it represents her kind of place. It's that simple, and the people love it.

It does help to have chef Kiong Banh overseeing both restaurants, and a young and talented chef de cuisine doing his Mediterranean thing in Audrey Claire's enticing open kitchen. There is now a plethora of BYOB possibilities - there is only one Audrey Claire!

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