Zinc Bistro a Vins
Zinc BistroZinc BistroZinc BistroZinc BistroZinc BistroZinc Bistro
246 South 11th Street

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Zinc Bistro

"The kitchen finds its Gallic groove with similarly simple dishes like grilled Caesar with splays of Prince Edward Island mussels and succulent roasted poussin over sweet mashed parsnips. Studded with tangy Roquefort and walnuts, filet mignon carpaccio is shaved so thin it's like rose-colored tissue paper, its petals surrounding a lemony salad of arugula and frisee. Tender calf's liver is like a foie-flavored Crybaby, all sweet shallots and lip-puckering sherry vinegar. The pot de creme tucked into a dainty espresso cup produces lush spoonfuls of chocolate love."
       - Adam Erace, Philadelphia Weekly

America is in the process of experiencing what one might call the "Bistro Boom" and Zinc on South 11th Street represents the quintessential French Bistro spot in Philadelphia. Owned and operated by Chef Olivier Desaintmartin, it's all about authenticity, and it's a reflection of the life experience of Olivier and his roots in the Champagne region of France. He created a restaurant that looks, feels, and behaves like the neighborhood bistros of Paris. Zinc is definitely something special, and represents an intimate and memorable restaurant experience in the City of Brotherly Love.

Back to the subject of authenticity - almost any bar would suffice in this beautiful spot, but the good chef was not satisfied with just "any bar." This one was going to be imported from France and Olivier found a zinc bar (circa 1919) in a former Parisian watering hole. He had it refurbished and shipped to Philadelphia. The name of this bistro was going to be named after this very authentic bar, and inevitably, it's an owner's attention to detail that makes a restaurant happen.

Zinc is a real French Bistro owned and operated by a real French chef. You come here to enjoy a real French experience - Lillet Rouge or Lillet Blanc; Absenthe; Entre Deux Mers (by the glass or bottle); Fisher Amber Ale from France; Armagnac Vintage 1973; Les Charcuteries and Les Carpaccios; a Rabbit Stew with Pappardelle or perhaps the Roasted Poussin with Garlic Au Jus.

There are a handful of unrelated Zinc Bistros in the United States, but the one on 11th Street in Philly is definitely one of a kind. It's a unique and delightful experience.

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