611 South 7th Street
  • Phone: 215–923–6117
  • Website:
  • Cuisine: Vegetarian (New Vegan)
  • Price Range: @ $30 and under pp
  • Chef: Rich Landau

The 22spots.com Editorial


"Landau's inventive dishes have matured to the point where they now stand on their meatless own. Cast in vibrant Latin and Caribbean flavors, and beautifully presented with an eye to details and complex contrasts, this is some of the most interesting cooking in town, vegan or otherwise."
       - Craig LaBan, Philadelphia Inquirer

Horizons is the creation of Rich Landau and his wife, Kate Jacoby. He is the chef and she is the pastry chef and general manager. The self-taught chefs (he, a former bartender and she, a former Horizons Cafe customer) are all about creativity and quality in everything that has to do with this restaurant. The one thing you keep hearing over and over again is "Even my non-vegan friends love the food." And even though Horizons is all vegan all the time, they have captured an audience that simply appreciates a great dining experience. The fact that it's vegetarian is only interesting.

There is an ever-growing interest in the vegetarian movement and certainly health concerns have a lot to do with it. More and more restaurant guests are searching for meatless and non-dairy establishments, and the folks at Horizons have taken it to a very different level. This is a spot with great ambiance and incredible food, which is somewhat of a rarity in the vegetarian sector. Their web site (horizonsphiladelphia.com) captures the essence of their concept.

It is very significant indeed when the Inquirer food critic praises a vegetarian restaurant and places it amongst the top restaurants in Philadelphia, so it's appropriate to close with yet another one of his quotes..."The new Horizons (no longer "Cafe") is more than a kind oasis for the long-wandering Tofu Tribe. It's a major addition to our repertoire of special dining experiences. The food is so carefully wrought, so vividly infused with creativity and satisfying flavors that any meat-eating dude with a half-open mind is in danger of being impressed."

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